This cast iron grill pan is perfect for making fluffy pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches or grilled steaks, toasted sandwiches, or scrambled eggs, and it has a ribbed side that makes grilling meats and vegetables easy.

With excellent heat conductivity and durability, cast iron grills can be used on stovetops and on outdoor grills, just like other cast iron pans.

The non-stick surface requires proper cleaning to prevent rust and to maintain its durability. It’s easy to care for, but it needs to be maintained properly.

And really how to clean burnt cast iron grill pan is not too difficult, just your kitchen utensils are more than enough.

With just 3 minutes to read, will give you more easy and convenient pocket-sized tips when cleaning your cast iron grill pan.

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How to Properly Clean Burnt Cast Iron Grill Pan?

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Each time you use the iron grill pan, you should clean it. As a result, you will be able to remove any leftover food and excess grease from the pan.

Maintaining the shape and durability of your cast iron grill pan can be achieved by regularly cleaning it after cooking.

The pan should be serviced at least twice a year or more if it is used frequently.

It is important to take care of a cast iron grill pan so that it lasts longer and more durable.

How to Clean Burnt Cast Iron Grill Pan

Things to prepare

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  • Sink or dish tray
  • Non-abrasive sponge
  • Plastic scraper
  • Dish towel
  • Hard-bristled nylon brush
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  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Vegetable oil
  • Tissue
  • Baking soda
  • Lemonade
  • Plastic wrap or plastic bag

Steps to take

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Let the blister cool

Always let the cast iron grill cool completely before you start cleaning. Immersing a hot grill in a basin of water can cause the grill to appear small cracks and weaken or damage the equipment in the pan.

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Clean up leftovers

Clean the grill surface with a paper towel while it is still warm. You can use a plastic scraper to loosen stuck food before removing it. Never use metal razors or steel wool for food.

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Use cleaning utensils and clean the cast iron pan, taking care not to let the pan soak in water.

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Wash and dry

Use an absorbent napkin or paper towel to dry the grill after rinsing it with hot water. Water will collect on the cast iron causing rust to form if the grill is allowed to “dry drip.”

Methods for Cleaning Baking Pans

Wipe down Your Grill Pan with Oil to Get Rid of Lightly Stuck Food.

The cast iron pan can be cleaned up with 1-2 tablespoons (15-30 mL) of oil if the food is just charred and lightly sticky.

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Steps to do

  • Put the pan on the stove
  • Pour oil into the pan and wait until the pan starts to warm up
  • Use a paper towel to wipe its surface.

Since you use cooking oil for cleaning, you can store it in the and use it for the next time you cook (as soon as the pan cools down).

Using vegetable oil, grapeseed oil or flaxseed oil all work well in cleaning and helping your pan smell nice.

This method can only be applied to food that has just been burned in the pan. For heavily burned or aged pans, a more thorough cleaning may be required.

Use Baking Soda or Salt

Food that burns a little longer and sticks more in the pan requires a stronger cleaner than oil.

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Steps to do

  • Using kosher salt, coarse sea salt, or baking soda, sprinkle over the pan.
  • Scrub the pan with a paper towel to get rid of the food.
  • Using a gentle wash, remove any salt or baking soda left on the cast iron grill.

You can use almost any coarse and abrasive powder as a substitute for salt in this cleaning method.

Boiling Water

Boiling can be used for foods that stick to your pan and burn more for a longer period of time.

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Steps to do

  • Fill the pan about 1 inch (2.5 cm) with water and set it to medium heat.
  • When the water starts to boil and simmer, use a wooden or plastic spoon to push and remove the burnt food.
  • Before storing or using the pan again, make sure the water has been drained out and the pan has dried completely.

Metal tools should never be used. Plastic or wooden ones are the only ones you should use. Metal spoons and spatulas will scratch the surface and spill the seasoning on the pan.

Baking Soda and Water

You can clean the cast iron pan with baking soda and water if it has been burnt by burnt food.

The pan should be cleaned as much as possible of food and debris.

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Steps to do

  • Mix 3 parts baking soda with 1 part water.
  • Put the mixture on the burnt pan. The coating should be thick enough to cover the entire pan.
  • Add more baking soda and scrub with a nylon brush or sponge after letting the mixture sit for a few hours or overnight.
  • If you don’t want to wait, add another ¼ – ½ cup of water to thin the mixture then place the pan on the stove and bring to a boil. To remove the scorched patches, let the pan cool and wipe or brush it.

By using baking soda in this way, you can prevent scorch marks or burnt residue from forming on pots and pans.

5 Ways to Maintenance a Cast Iron Grill Pan

Say No to Metal Utensils

Avoid touching metal objects to the nonstick surface of your pan when cooking to prevent scratches. Plastic, on the other hand, won’t damage your pan.

The pan should never be washed with steel wool in order to protect the surface from damage.

Instead, wash it with a nylon scrubber.


It is never a good idea to leave cast iron baking pans in water after cooking.

Unlike other cookware, which you can wash after soaking, this pan will probably rust instead of coming out clean.

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Do Not Use with Dishwasher

Cast iron baking pans cannot be washed in the dishwasher due to their metal composition.

After a few times, your pan is very easy to rust and spoil faster.


Pans should never be stored with lids in order to avoid trapping moisture inside.

This can result in your cookware getting rusted.

Acidic Foods

Avoid cooking acidic foods in cast iron pan, especially before seasoning. Let the seasoning build up for a while.

Cast iron grill pan can be cleaned in any way you choose as long as you keep in mind that the method you use isn’t important.

In order to maintain the quality of your pan for as long as possible, you must be consistent in how you care for it after cooking.

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Always keep in mind that the method you use to clean your cast iron grill pan is not important. You need to be consistent in care before, during and after cooking so that your pan will be well preserved for a long time.

Cast iron pans are a reliable companion in every family’s kitchen, and a great helper to create delicious and truly appealing dishes.

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