Coffee is a beverage that is quite popular in many countries around the world and is a favorite drink of many people.

Many people rely on coffee to wake them up in the morning or to boost energy and alertness for the day.

A cup of black coffee, or the addition of any kind of milk, or simply a drink with added coffee will make many people happy, whether drunk in a concentrated or diluted way.

Turkish coffee could prove to be a worthwhile choice for those who enjoy strong coffee.

And if, you want to try your hand at making your own coffee at home, is it difficult?

And if, your home does not have a coffee machine like the Turks, what to do?

Don’t worry, will show you how to get a delicious cup of coffee with just a saucepan in your kitchen.

Are you ready to learn about it?

Let’s explore together.

What Is Turkish Coffee?

First Appearance of Turkey Coffee

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It is difficult to know exactly when coffee first appeared in Turkey, it dates back to the 16th century, when Islamic courts ruled that coffee consumption was in accordance with religion.

After that, coffee was popularized throughout the Arabian peninsula, the Gulf and the Red Sea, eventually reaching Istanbul, the capital of the Ottoman Empire – Turkey.

Turkey Coffee Originally from

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Close-up of a Turk with coffee on a blurred background of campfire and sand.

Turkish coffee is a method of brewing coffee that originated in Middle Eastern and European countries, including Turkey, Iran, and Greece.

It is made by combining finely ground coffee beans (the smoothest of all brewing techniques) with water and added sugar, then bringing the mixture to a boil until it is bubbly.

No filtering is required, once the coffee has boiled, it is poured into a cup and consumed instantly.

Traditionally, Turkish coffee is brewed in an Ibrik, a pot used to make coffee in the country.

There are two types of coffee commonly served here: unsweetened and sweetened, but in moderation.

Coffee in Turkish Culture

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From the early days of the Ottoman Empire to the present day, drinking coffee has had a profound influence on the customs of the Turks.

This tradition reflects the tradition of hospitality people have displayed here over the centuries and is political, social, and religious in nature.

In Turkish culture, coffee is still an integral part, even though it’s no longer so ceremonial.

During the Ottoman period, for both men and women, coffee was the tie in their daily lives.

As a meeting place for both residents and visitors, Turkish cafes continue to play an important role in the Turkish culture.

Visiting Istanbul will give you the opportunity to see many cafes with many new and interesting things to discover.

Where friends and family meet to share the day’s stories with a cup of traditional Turkish coffee.

Is Turkish Coffee Healthy?

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tray with hot turkish coffee water and lokum

The answer is yes, suitable for those who are used to strong coffee and are not allergic to coffee.

Natural stimulants have been well researched for their ability to enhance athletic and mental performance.

The chlorogenic acid found in coffee beans is a type of polyphenol antioxidant that has health benefits.

Other compounds in coffee, such as diterpenoids, may also reduce inflammation, fight infection, and enhance heart health.

But it is recommended that too much of anything is not good, you should use it in moderation and in accordance with your body, especially do not drink too much sugar with coffee.

How to Make Turkish Coffee at Home

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If you don’t have a Turkish coffee pot, don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to make a delicious cup of coffee with the tools you have in your home.

With a coffee machine, everything becomes simpler and easier than ever.

How Do You Make Turkish Coffee Without a Machine?

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If you don’t have a coffee machine in your house, we have a simpler way.

Make coffee with a saucepan or a small pot.

Sounds ridiculous and funny, right?

But it’s true, we can create a good cup of true Turkish coffee, just be careful in the process of grinding the coffee to be fine.

If you don’t believe it, read on to the next section below to find out.

How to Use a Saucepan to Make Turkish Coffee

One of the best things and also the most enjoyable experience of a coffee lover is to make coffee right in his own kitchen.

And even more fun, because Turkish coffee is extremely easy to make and easy to make.

So with just a saucepan in the kitchen, how do we make a cup of coffee, let’s find out.

Steps to Make Turkish Coffee in a Saucepan

how to make turkey coffee in a saucepan


  • 4 teaspoons coffee beans
  • 16 ounces of water
  • Saucepan or small pot
  • Coffee grinder
  • Wooden spoon, wooden spoon
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Instructions on how to brew

  • First grind your coffee beans to the smoothest possible setting
  • Use a cup to measure the amount of milk and water in your saucepan (3 tablespoons of powder for 1 cup of Turkish coffee)
  • Pour the desired amount of coffee into the pot with the water/milk, sugar, and salt. Use a spoon or whisk to stir
  • Place the saucepan on medium heat and let the fire begin to boil. Skim off any foam that floats to the top and pour into your cup
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  • When it boils, remove from heat and slowly add to your cup
  • Return the coffee mixture to heat and bring to a boil. After foaming, take it out
  • Return to heat and let it foam and remove from the stove one last time
  • Coffee should be poured into small espresso cups. Before using the coffee grounds, let them settle to the bottom

Do You Add Sugar to Turkish Coffee?

Milk and sugar are often added to Turkish coffee, and there is no rule for them.

Authentic Turkish coffee is usually served without either, but add some if you find the flavor too strong.

You should try your coffee without milk or sugar first, and only add a little if you need it.

Turkish Coffee Brewing Rate

When making coffee with a traditional Cezve (Turkish coffee pot), but you can make Turkish coffee in a small, narrow saucepan.

For Turkish coffee, 1 part coffee to 12 parts water, so needed 30 grams of coffee for the 350 mL of water (12 fluid ounces).

Can You Use Any Coffee for Turkish Coffee?

Using any coffee beans that you like is one of the best things about making Turkish coffee.

The first is that Turkish coffee is almost exclusively made with arabica beans. The second thing is that you should choose coffee beans that are ripe to medium and dark roast for the best flavor.

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As a familiar drink in daily life, coffee has been like a soulmate of man.

Drinking coffee is good, but drinking it in moderation and in accordance with the body’s condition is best, do not overdo it.

And best of all, with the above Turkish coffee making tips, you don’t have to come to this beautiful country to enjoy when you don’t have enough time and opportunity to go.

What’s more, save money before you’re ready to go to Turkey, or you’ve enjoyed this drink in its home country and now want to enjoy it again. believes that this is a drink that can satisfy the most demanding diners and has a high degree of attachment.

All for reference, if you have any more interesting recipes or shares about Turkish coffee that we have not mentioned, remember to comment for everyone to read.