Burna Boy, a Grammy winner, has recently moved into a seven-bedroom home in Lagos, the commercial and artistic center of Nigeria, at the start of 2020. Burna’s architect Akose Enebeli designed the two-story mansion in Lekki so that he could reside by himself.

Burna was ecstatically “mind blown” and had many homes all over the world when he saw Enebeli’s ideas for his own new home in the not-too-distant future. Burna is a well-known rapper, singer, and composer from Nigeria. Enebeli tells AD that the man simply kept exclaiming, “Wow, wow, you’re bursting my brain.”

The design of Enebeli is a 13,000-square-foot oasis in the heart of Lagos, a megacity with 20 mιllιon inhabitants. The enormous building has a beige and gray exterior and is equipped with all the amenities of contemporary luxury living. Inside are high ceilings, a private theater, lounges, and a game room. In addition, there are ample windows and garage space.

The 3,700 square foot building, which is split into two separate sections, was designed by Enebeli and his colleagues to maximize natural light.

In one location, there is a recording studio, a gym, and housing for visiting artists. The other is a more personal area for Burna. His main bedroom suite, private patio, and the gathering spot for his closest pals are all located there.

Without doors, the rooms on the lower level create a continuous, open space, with one interior seamlessly flowing into the next. Notable is the primary living room, which features a large window overlooking the manicured gardens.

Burna was born in Port Harcourt, a location located around 384 miles away in Nigeria’s Rivers State. The entire compound evokes the peace and quiet of the nearby lagoons, creeks, and greenery. “I have a lot of Rivers stuff,” Burna claims, “and water noises.”That’s all it is—very water-inspired. It’s peaceful. I can communicate with nature.

The walls of the house’s inside should be completely white. Burna bought the massive golden bug pieces, the half-horse sculpture made of marble, the female bust, and the Throne of Grace in Lagos. Atelier 225 produced the bicycle artwork.