At first glance, a saucepot and a saucepan would seem like the similar kitchenware. This might easily lead to the misuse of most housewives, and sometimes professional chefs.

However, should we go into detailed features of these two cookwares, they will appear particular differences which make ones a unique tools for your kitchen.

Let’s find out 5 differences between saucepot vs saucepan with, shall we?

What Is a Sauce pot?

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Sauce pot is a cooking pot that has a looped handle on either side and often comes with a close-fitting lid.

The main purposes of sauce pot are “stewing” or “simmering”, and best for slow-cooked dishes.

This type of pot turns out a range of sizes which complement different meals and cooking methods. However, we will usually see 3-4 quart sauce pots.

What Is Saucepan?

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Saucepan is all-in-one piece of kitchenware which you can not miss because of its convenience and versatility.

This type of pan has a deep base, long handle and straight sides making them trouble-free to move skillfully while whisking or stirring.

Saucepan can come in a variety differences of sizes (from 1 to 4 quarts) and also go with a lid but not the best of them.

Saucepot Vs Saucepan: What Are The Main Differences?

Saucepot vs saucepan might be used interchangeably for common cooking purposes such as making sauce and boiling things.

Nevertheless, there are still disparate aspects between those two types of cookware that believes you never know until right now.

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#1. Structure

Sauce pot have two handles on top sides, which give user a strongly firm and tight grasp on the pot’s heavy inside liquid.

In addition, this type of pot has taller sides that makes it ideal to reduce fast evaporation and becomes suitable for slow-cooking foods.

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Saucepan comes with only one long handle with a view to making it much easier to move around flexibly your smaller volume of texture.

Besides, the shorter sides of saucepan is preferable for heating foods and hard-cooked ingredients in fast time.

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#2. Capacity

Saucepots are mostly larger than saucepans in the function of capacity so that they have a great of empty space which hold your large food amount without effort.

On the contrary, saucepans can contain less volume and therefore requires always having an eye on the foods to prevent sticking or overcooked.

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#3. Materials

Pots’s materials are usually surrounded by aluminum or heavy-duty stainless steel, providing a confident and firm base and effortless cleaning up.

Saucepans also have the same materials below but the high-standard level of them are made cast iron and high-heat resistant copper for better experience, more tasty dishes.

#4. Size

Sauce pot is commonly bigger than saucepan in their size. They often range from 1 to 5 quarts.

This measurement is a key point for ease of use, and preventing rapid evaporation.

saucepot vs saucepan 01

The size of a saucepan is measured by its capacity in quarts. There are four standard sizes, ranging from 1-quart to 4-quart, being smaller than a compared sauce pot.

However, the two common size are 2- and 4-quarts.

#5. Usage

What are Sauce pots used for?

Sauce pot is a good choice for you to do a range of different cooking techniques such as braising, steaming, slow-cooking, boiling,…

When you intend to have large quantities of a dish, you can get numerous ingredients into a sauce pot and cook them freely for longer time without paying such constant attention because of its capacity.

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What Are Saucepans Used For?

Saucepans are normally utilized for what they’re named for: sauce.

With its functions, we can get the liquid to high heat quickly. This makes them ideal for boiling water, cooking pasta, quinoa or brown rice much faster than that with a regular sauce pot.

Anyone who are into diet meals or eat-clean method must try this kitchenware for its effectiveness.

Can I Use a Sauce Pot Instead of a Saucepan?

The answer to this question is “NO“. A sauce pot can’t be typically utilized as a saucepan because it’s not that function and feature for heating things quickly and correspondingly.

In addition to this, it will take up much your time if you keep trying to heat up a small quantity of food in fast way.

Nevertheless, you can use a sauce pot to boil things such as water, egg, veg,… like you do in a saucepan.


We hope the article about the different between saucepot vs saucepan above will help you choose the right kitchenware for the right purpose!

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