The terms saute pan vs sauce pan are commonly misused by the best of us, since they have a lot of strikingly similar functions. However, we should understand well our kitchenware to make the right decision in choosing pans for suitable purposes.

Let’s find out 5 differences between saute pan vs sauce pan with, shall we?

What Is Sauté Pan?

Sauté Pan is a wide-based and round cooking pan with flat surface. It has a reinforced stainless-steel handle for the purpose of safety and protection.

Two of the best materials to be used in making high-quality sauté Pans are copper and aluminum. More high-priced sauté Pan have added layers of metal to improve heat conduction. Your durable cooking ware will be lasted for a long time with minimum damage.

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What Is Sauce Pan?

Sauté pan is a must-have piece of kitchenware that you can not miss because of its versatility. This type of pan has a deep feature, long handle and straight sides, which makes them much easier to move skillfully while stirring or whisking.

Sauce pans can come in several sizes (1 to 6 quarts) and also go with a lid but not all of them. Though usually we’ll see 2-3 quart sauce pans.

Differences Between a Saute Pan vs Sauce pan

Saute Pan vs Sauce pan do have a lots in common that can even be used interchangeably. Therefore, will help you gain better knowledge and clear up the dilemma of picking the right pan by pointing out 5 differences between a saute pan vs sauce pan.

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#1. Structure

Sauté pans have shorter vertical sides, with larger base and wider feature. These details make them a perfect cooking tool to poach, deep-fry, sauté,…

Sauce pans have higher sides, with deeper and narrowed layout. Its height is one of the best key points as it allows a great amount of liquid to be swallowed in a narrow size. 

#2. Purpose And Usage

What Is a Sauté Pan Used For?

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Numerous cooking methods can be easily handled by the saute pan. That’s the reason why they are expected to be one of the most convenient cookware because we can utilize a sauté pan to sear, sauté, pan fry, shallow fry, braise, poach, etc.

The sauté pan is amazing for dishes which require liquid such as sauces, braised recipes, curries, soft meat, etc.

What Is A Sauce pan Used For?

Boiling water for making tea or pasta is a usual task of this type of pan. A sauce pan is a wonderful tool for stewing, simmering, searing,… 

It’s also a perfect choice for features such as mashed potatoes, lentils, risotto, or any ingredients which need boiling.

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#3. Versatility

A sauté pan can be replaced many other types of pans such as skillet, stock pot,…

A sauce pan is multi-purpose and does not take much space, so you can take it on a camping, picnic. The vertical sides of the saucepan make it more comfortable and much easier to move around than comparably sized sauté pans.  

#4. Oven safe

Most of sauté pans are safe in the oven heating, making them more fantastic in cooking dishes. They are made of materials which are high-heat resistant such stainless steel, copper,…

Saucepan’s design is not good enough for the high temperatures so that we should take it into consideration whenever putting into hot oven.

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#5. Volume capacity

When it comes to volume capacity, a sauté pan can contain about 3,79 liters, less than sauce pan.

Sauce pan with bigger volume capacity can hold 4 quarts of liquid (approximately 5 liters).

The Best Sauce pans

Our Best Overall Sauce pans

Cuisinart Contour Hard-Anodized Saucepan

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Our Best Affordable Saucepan

Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Saucepan

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The Best Sauté Pan

Our Best Overall Sauté Pan

T-fal B36290 Specialty Nonstick 5-Quart Jumbo

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Our Best Affordable Sauté Pan

Greenlife Soft Grip Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, 5QT Sauté Pan Jumbo Cooker

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Can We Use a Sauté Pan as a Saucepan?

The answer to the question is YES, we can flexibly use a sauté pan as a sauce pan, but you’re still bounded because the surface area of sauté pan is shallower than a comparably sized sauce pan.

However, a sauté pan can be used for the basic functions of a sauce pan.

Can We Sauté in a Saucepan?

We can use saucepan to sauté dishes.

However, we should ensure that our food ingredients are in small sizes or we have to chop it into pieces for the best results.

With the above differences between saute pan vs sauce pan, hopes you got more practical information about kitchenware, helping you to use them most effectively and clearing up the confusion.

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