Ginger became one of the all-time favorite ingredients after trying out amazing recipes with it.

My blog was entirely new to me when I started, but I immediately fell in love with it after learning how to use it.

Those who are not familiar with ginger may find this post helpful in getting you started cooking with it, Apronese will introduce you to a detailed and complete way to make it easy to get started.

There is something special about ginger in terms of its taste.

There is a bit of a spicy taste to it, but somehow it still works equally well with sweet and savory dishes, because of its mild flavor.

I have used it in cookies, smoothies, stir-fries, curry dishes, and even meatloaf, and it’s great in those. Yes, meatloaf is one of the most popular dishes.

As a way to give you an idea of just how versatile ginger is, here are a few of my favorite recipes containing ginger to give you a taste of what it can do.

Sweet Ginger Recipes

Savory Ginger Recipes

Here are a few examples of some of the things I’ve used ginger for, but if you type in the word “ginger” up in the top right corner of the page you’ll see just how often I use ginger in my cooking.

Using this product is pretty simple; it does not require any more effort than using garlic, in fact.

You may have avoided dealing with it in the past because you weren’t sure how to handle it because you had no idea how to handle it.

You don’t have to worry about anything because I’ve got you covered.

How to Cook with Ginger

how to cook with ginger 03

You should be looking out for a plump, firm ginger root with smooth, smooth skin in the grocery store.

If you see a dried, shriveled, soft, or rubbery ginger root in the grocery store (like the one on the left), that’s a sign it isn’t good.

How to cook with ginger 07

A fresh ginger root will usually be large and have several appendages, so it’s perfectly okay to take just one or two inches out of the root—like bananas.

It’s fine to break off a small nub from the root and leave the rest. There’s no obligation to buy the whole thing, so you can break off what you need right now and freeze the rest.

If you wanted to buy the whole thing, you could keep the rest in the freezer and break off what you needed now.

In my experience, I just break off a small amount each time I visit the store. I don’t mind spending only a few dollars per nub, since the price is usually low per pound.

How to cook with ginger 02

As a next step, you should peel the ginger. I say “probably” because I always do, but I watched a cooking show once where the host told me she never peels her ginger, and actually likes the taste.

Obviously, you don’t say! Just be sure to wash it well, and if you decide against peeling, don’t forget that ginger grows underground, in dirt and stuff.

With a spoon or vegetable peeler, you can scrape off the paper-thin skin.

How to cook with ginger 04

You can do a number of things with ginger once it’s peeled (or not peeled).

Using medallions for infusion is nice because they’re easily removed (like in chai concentrate). If you don’t like chunks, you can mince them into tiny pieces.

I enjoy eating large pieces of ginger in my food because it has a nice texture, and it’s not for everyone. Getting a lot of flavor without huge chunks is nice.

Note: There is a slight greying or blue shading to ginger slices, which means the ginger is getting old and is no longer fresh. Fresh ginger has a light yellow hue, and the slices look kind of blue or grey.

How to cook with ginger 05

I usually use a small holed cheese grater to mince the ginger rather than using a knife, but you can also use a small holed cheese grater to get really small pieces.

When the ginger is very fresh, it can drip juice while you grate it, so be careful not to lose any of the flavor by grating it over your pot or skillet.

How to cook with ginger 06

Lastly, garlic and ginger are among the most magical flavor combinations on the planet.

I know. Just try it! In addition to creating many great curries and stir-fries, this combination also smells like heaven as it sautés in a skillet. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

What are you waiting for? Go get yourself some ginger now to cook like Apronese shared, don’t be afraid to give it a try if you haven’t cooked with it before.

And for those of you who are already ginger lovers: What’s your favorite way to use ginger? What’s your favorite ginger cooking tip, don’t forget to share it with us by commenting below.