Kylie Jenner already dominates the cosmetics industry, and it now appears that she has her sights set on the real estate market. In April 2020, the young industrialist added a stunning property in the Los Angeles, California neighborhood of Holmby Hills to his collection of residences. According to TMZ, the house had an initial asking price of $45 mιllιon, but it appears that Kylie was able to negotiate a price of $36 mιllιon.

Kylie has shared multiple photos of herself on Instagram admiring her beautiful home, and based on the images, the estate is unquestionably fit for a queen. The makeup tycoon’s property is referred to as a resort compound because of its size. The gigantic 15,350 square foot single-story mansion has a guardhouse to ward against intruders.

The founder of Kylie Cosmetics will now have access to a chef’s kitchen where she can prepare her favored meals, as well as a home theater, bars, and game rooms where she can entertain her many friends. With a home gym and championship-caliber facilities for basketball and tennis, she will be able to maintain her physical fitness.

The entrance to Kylie’s house resembles one from a 13th-century castle. The house has a fortified aspect from the cement walls, ideal for a queen who need constant security and seclusion from the outside world.

The pool is readily accessible from the bar! Amazing, wouldn’t you say? It is genuinely reminiscent of a resort or hotel, and you can easily transition from purchasing a drink to watching television to swimming.

The front of Kylie’s mansion is impressive. Despite being clean and uncomplicated, the door is flanked on either side by two massive evergreen trees that are nearly as tall as the door itself. Such wealth.

Kylie sought a home with ample space for her extraordinary vehicle collection, given her reputation as a collector. Her garage resides in a distinct building and is so spacious that it resembles a parking deck.