Soon, Aroldis Chapman will be strutting through the streets of New York, making himself impossible to ignore. The Yankees’ closer currently drives a six-wheel Jeep with Chapman’s “The Cuban Missile” emblem, a black Kevlar exterior, and a red cloth interior.

South Florida Jeeps owner Joe Ghattas told The Post that the car is a “monster.” It’s enormous, noisy, and disgusting to the senses.

According to Ghattas, Chapman visited the company that makes customized products two months ago in search of “something really wild.” According to TMZ’s first story, they did it for a price of $150M.

All of Ghattas’ proposals were enthusiastically supported by Chapman, who added his own distinctive touch by insisting on Kevlar lining. Ghattas and his colleagues built the rest of the SUV by cutting a Jeep chassis in half, extending it by four feet, and adding an axle. It is completely furnished on the inside and powered by a twin-turbo diesel engine producing 600 horsepower.

According to Ghattas, he recently came to try it out. He spoke only a little English, but he was beaming from ear to ear. He yelled, “This is f—ing awesome!”

The Jeeps of Hassan Whiteside and Scott Disick were among those given special treatment by the company.

Chapman, who has been bulking up in preparation for the 2020 season, is set to arrive in New York this week when the Yankees report for their second spring training session on Wednesday. Ghattas claims the new car is “unstuckable,” and while there may not be many opportunities for off-roading, Chapman should be adequately protected while heading to Yankee Stadium.