Toluca Lake’s Spanish Colonial home of Ziggy Marley Ziggy Marley’s Spanish Colonial residence at Toluca Lake. The musician is constructing a home next to his wife Orly Marley and their four kids near Toluca Lake, Los Angeles.

Farahan’s assistance enabled the celebrity couple and their four young children to stay in the 10,000 square foot Spanish Colonial in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Toluca Lake.

Marley was persuaded to purchase the home, but it wasn’t because of how visually appealing it was; rather, he did so because he had a gut feeling that it would be a warm place for him to raise his children. Marley just released his most current album, More Family Time. “It’s not about how it looks or how many bedrooms; it’s about how it feels,” he says. I liked the vibe and character of the house.

However, Farahan observes that Marley wanted to ensure that the weather suited him as well. Farahan explains, “He asked me about the weather because he had never lived in the San Fernando Valley.” He had my word that the breezes on the opposite side of the incline were just as pleasant.