In January 2019, Jessica Alba, actress and CEO of the eco-friendly megabrand The Honest Co., hosted her husband Cash Warren a 40th birthday party. During his 30s, she hosted annual pajama parties with beer pong, Twister, charades, and corn-hole.

They had just moved into a gorgeous, verdant canyon near Los Angeles, so she decided to combine the birthday with a housewarming this year. After the event’s tents, bars, and wild corn tossers ruined their nice, new, spacious backyard—a sought-after amenity in this area of town—she discontinued the custom. She chuckles, “He’s in his 40s, so he can do other stuff. “Our dream residence!”

Alba and Warren first met on Fantastic Four in 2004. Honor was born in the year 2008. Haven and Hayes were both born in 2011 and 2017. The couple had been living down the street for a decade and want a larger home with a large backyard. Alba says they wanted a place to watch their children play and grow.

It was located on their first day of searching. Alba persuaded her real estate agent to let her in that afternoon despite the vendors’ desire to stage the home first. I reasoned, I’m imaginative and I know what I want. Even though [the previous owners’ style] wasn’t our vibe, I knew within twenty minutes that this was precisely what we were looking for.

Their “vibe” consists of two components. As Warren’s mother lives in Provence, Alba’s Pinterest account highlights French farmhouses and Paris apartments. The Beverly Hills house of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi is ranked second. “We’d leave holiday parties and say, ‘Their house is so sick!'” After closing on this house, Alba wanted DeGeneres to present her designers, mother-son team Kathleen and Tommy Clements.

Tommy says Jess’s business success is obvious. “She’s organized, hyper-focused, and superdecisive—no vacillation.” The Clementses completed their to-do list after weekly client meetings.

Tommy claims that Alba has always preferred natural materials, hemp textures, natural fibers and fabrics, and reclaimed wood, “which didn’t exactly come as a surprise since her company is based entirely on thoughtfully produced, safe products.” Warren’s first concern, which made Kathleen giggle, was “where was the basketball hoop going to go? He was very specific, which was important.