The boat of fashion designer Giorgio Armani can accommodate 12 passengers in its 7 opulent chambers and is painted a dark green to blend in at sea.

Giorgio Armani elevated his dreamboat by building it from the ground up. The billionaire fashion designer’s megayacht, Main, took thirty months to complete and was constructed in 2008 in collaboration with the company Codecasa.

To disguise the ship at sea, Armani designed its 65-meter-long hull in a dark green color. In addition to carrying 14 crew members, the ship has 7 cabins that can hold up to 12 passengers. On board, guests can take advantage of a cinema area, marble bathrooms, a gym, and a whirlpool in addition to the ship’s distinctive color scheme.

To ensure a wide-angle view of the main room, Armani personally created the curtains and windows. In reality, the Italian company Armani’s furniture is what gives the yacht its minimalist design.

One of the areas of the boat that its creator and owner value the most is the cabin. A special old Japanese cabinet and panels constructed of precious materials make up its construction. Main replaces Mariù, the previous ship owned by Armani, whose design was also influenced by the fashion designer.