You’re a good cook, but should you know the difference between a griddle vs skillet? With just five basic differences, will help you differentiate these two types of kitchen appliances.

What Is Griddle?

A griddle is a kitchen appliance with a flat surface or with convex grooves that fit together. It is designed for very low, thin pans of varying shapes and sizes.

Griddles are divided into two types based on the heating method: electric griddle and griddle pan.

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Electric griddle

Electric griddles have rectangular shapes and sizes ranging from 18 inches to 22 inches. Heat is provided by an electrical system below the surface.

It is very easy to use because you just plug in the power, turn the power on, and adjust the temperature accordingly. Different features can be found on them like temperature controls, lids, timers, and removable surfaces.

A drip tray is usually built into the bottom of most pans, making cooking healthier and cleaner.

It’s great that you can cook many different foods at once with this pan, which saves you time in the kitchen.

Electric griddle is perfect for large parties, such as breakfast for the entire family.

Griddle pans are mainly circular or square in shape. The walls of griddle pans with grooves are higher than those with flat surfaces.

In general, the griddle pan is smaller than an electric griddle, usually about 11 inches wide. This type of pan is heated using a gas stove. The Griddle pan is perfect for those who want to grill, but do not have the space for a large electric oven.

The griddle pan is ideal for use when cooking for one or two people.

What is Skillet?

Skillets are the perfect tool for cooking, you can even cook an entire dinner in just one. Pans of this type are round, flat on the bottom, inclined on the sides, and have a high wall to create depth.

There are some times when skillet and frying pan are used interchangeably. Generally, frying pans are shallower, while skillets tend to be deeper and may have a lid.

There are a wide range of sizes from 6 inches to 16 inches, but the most common is 10 inches to 12 inches. For meals that include a lot of ingredients, such as stir-fries, a medium-sized pan is ideal.

Currently, skillet also offers electric skillets and skillet pans so as to serve the diverse needs of customers.

The electric skillet has a square or round shape, is deeper than a skillet pan, and has a lid. Overall, they look bulky. However, they heat up much faster.

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The skillet pan is equipped with an external heat source, circular design, and long handle.

What Is a Griddle Used For?

As you may know, there are two types of griddle, an electric griddle and a griddle pan. Each type can be used for a different type of cooking.

The electric griddle is large enough to cook a variety of foods at once. Therefore, this style of griddle is suitable for parties. It is possible to grill meat, chicken, fish, sausages, vegetables, or enjoy a BBQ meal. The grills can be used indoors, however.

Griddle pans are smaller than electric pans because they are perfect for making breakfast or light meals. Among other things, you can bake pancakes, eggs, sandwiches, bacon, etc.

What Is a Skillet Used For?

Unlike a griddle, a skillet lets you cook main meals for your family.

Between a skillet pan and an electric skillet, there is not much difference. Both are suitable for sauteed or sautéed dishes. So you can make beefsteak, pan-fried salmon, or pasta with them.

You can also make a delicious baked apple, orange, cinnamon or sweet cake with chocolate and fresh cream using a cast iron skillet.

Griddle Vs Skillet: 4 Differences

In case you haven’t yet distinguished between griddle vs skillet, here are a few short comparisons to help make things clearer.

#1 Griddles have either a flat surface or a convex surface and skillets have flat surfaces.

#2 The griddle basin is shallow and skillet wall is higher than pan wall, giving it depth.

#3 Griddles have thin bottoms and skillet bottom is thick.

#4 Cooking on a griddle is healthier since the grease and water from the food disappear into the drip tray or notches in the pan. The skillet is suitable for cooking liquid dishes such as stir-fries or baking cakes.

Lastly, which is better, griddle vs skillet? It is true that a pan of any kind is good, and it is best when it meets your needs. If you use the right functions and understand them correctly, they will be the best.

With the above 4 differences, believes that you have a better understanding of griddle vs skillet. Buy yourself a pan, cook delicious food and share that joy with us.