Every kitchen should have a roasting pan with lid because they are very useful for daily cooking. However, for the use to be effective, you should choose the right size.

Here, Apronese will help you to choose the best small roasting pan with lid.

What Size Is a Small Roasting Pan with Lid?

From 8 inches to over 20 inches, roasting pans with lids are available in different sizes. How big will a small roasting pan with lid be?

You can visualize the size by imagining a roasting pan with a lid being used to roast a turkey:

  • Small (8 inches to 14 inches) roasting pans are suitable for turkeys up to 10 pounds.
  • Medium (15 inches to 17 inches) roasting pans are ideal for turkeys up to 15 pounds.
  • Large (over 18 inches) roasting pans can hold up to 20 pounds of turkey.

How to Choose a Small Roasting Pan with Lid?

Choose a Size That Fits Your Oven

Make sure you know the inside dimensions of your oven, especially if it’s smaller. You should consider the wall thickness of the roasting pans and the height of the handles, especially if they are permanently stretched.

In general, when choosing a small roasting pan, keep in mind:

  • It is too large for the roasting pan, and juices or sauces may burn.
  • It is too small and will limit the airflow, causing the food to not cook evenly.

Pick a Good Depth

Most cooks agree that a roasting pan should be 3 inches high, or 5 inches high with a lid.

If the pan is too deep, the ingredients will steam rather than roast. You will have to be careful to pull the pan out of the oven without spilling anything if it’s too shallow.

Use Durable Materials

Everyone has heard about stainless steel. It is the best material for cookware. There are actually 3 types of steel commonly used for roasting pans: stainless steel, alloy steel, and carbon steel.

There is a difference between stainless steel and alloy steel in that alloy steel has elements such as nickel and copper. By adding nickel and copper to the steel, it becomes stronger, harder, and more resistant to corrosion and oxidation.

Alloy steels have tensile strengths between 758-1882 MPa, higher than stainless steel. By mixing steel with other elements, alloy steel is made harder, making it more durable and resistant to corrosion.

Carbon steel is made only of iron and carbon, which are perfectly safe materials for cooking. During heat treatment, carbon steel does not leech any substances. This is one of the main reasons it’s a favorite in professional kitchens – it can handle high-heat cooking and constant use every night

Since the last five years, carbon steel has become more prevalent in home kitchens, which is understandable.

Cast iron enameled pans can look great, but they’re also heavy. Add a 20-pound turkey to the mix, and you’ll need some extra muscle to move it.

Avoid aluminum roasting pans: Aluminum reacts with acids, such as lemon juice.

Choose the Right Handle

The right handle is when the roasting pan fits your oven and you have no trouble using it.

Permanently extended handles make roasting pans easier to remove from the oven, but also take up more space and can reduce the cooking size.

Folding handles can make it difficult to pick up pans when pulling them out of the oven when not in use.

Know Your Needs

In choosing a small roasting pan with lid, you need to clearly determine:

How many people you will be cooking for?

Small families with a couple may be able to use a small roasting pan with lid.
But if you have a large family or often host parties, a small roasting pan with lid is not going to do, you need a larger one.

What dishes will you prepare?

If you only prepare dishes with chopped meat or vegetables, a small roasting pan with lid will suit you. However, when you’re cooking items such as 16-pound turkeys, or large chunks of rib-eye or lamb, using a small pan with a lid is not feasible.

The Best 6 Small Roasting Pan with Lid

Granite Ware Covered Oval Roaster 13 Inches

From Granite Ware, this pan is made of carbon steel for durability, and it is much safer and stronger than foil pans.

The surface of porcelain enamel is naturally nonporous, nonstick, and inert. You can put this item in the dishwasher with no worries about PFOA, PTFE, etc.

Dark ceramic surfaces absorb oven energy and disperse it evenly to help food to cook more evenly and golden.

Granite Ware Covered Oval Roaster 13 Inches

This Granite roasting pan has a capacity of 3 quarts and can hold a 5 pound turkey with the lid open and a 7 pound turkey with the lid open.

Exterior dimensions 13L x 8W x 5H inch and inside dimensions 11L x 7W x 3H inch.

There is no handle on the body of this small roasting pan with lid. It saves space in the oven and dishwasher, but it’s a bit cumbersome when you want to lift the pans out of the oven.

Home Basics Oval Roasted Pan with Lid 12 Inch

A great way to make family dinners easy is with this enameled carbon steel roasting pan. It also features a removable lid and side handles for easy lifting from the oven to the table.

A unique feature about this small roasting pan is its lid design, which is different from many lidded roasting pans. The handles are on the sides rather than the top. As a result, you can use the lid as a food dish if necessary.

Home Basics Oval Roasted Pan with Lid 12 Inch

The roasting pan is made of high-quality carbon steel with a non-stick surface. After enjoying an easy meal, cleanup was a breeze. It is easy to wash off and dries quickly.

In addition, the dark finish absorbs heat quickly, resulting in faster cooking times.

With Exterior dimensions 14L x 10.5W x 5.75H inches, this pan can hold 9 lb. turkey or 12 lb. roast.

Millvado Granite Roasting Pan 13 Inches

From Millvado, you can pick up this small granite roasting pan with lid. With a natural nonstick glaze, Millvado’s granite roasting pans make cooking healthy and convenient at the same time.

Millvado Granite Roasting Pan 13 Inches

Having a measurement of 13L x 8.7W x 5H inches (11.5L x 7.5W x 3H inches of inner surface area), this mini granite grill is the best choice for cooking small chicken, meat stew or roast beef with vegetables.

The roasting pan heats up quickly and distributes heat well, so cooking is faster and more efficient.

When the dome lid is closed, heat and moisture cannot escape, keeping the food soft and delicious anytime and anywhere. It’s the perfect way to roast juicy meat without burning it.

Using carbon steel as the core, the roasting pan is coated on both the inside and outside with a natural glaze.

You can enjoy all the benefits of nonstick cooking without having to worry about chemicals with these black and white speckled stone pans! It does not react with acidic foods. Additionally, the enamel pan will not yellow or retain flavors or odors from previous cooks.

This small non-stick roasting pan can be washed in the dishwasher once it’s done cooking. To wash your hands, simply wipe them off and wash them in warm, soapy water.

A handleless body makes moving the pan a little more difficult. However, it saves space in the oven and dishwasher.

Enamory Covered Oval Roaster 13 Inches

Enamory’s roasting pan is made of carbon steel for durability and is much stronger and safer than foil pans. The roasting pan is covered with natural non-stick porcelain and contains no harmful chemicals, so you’ll be able to prepare healthy dishes for your family.

Enamory Covered Oval Roaster 13 Inches

The oval roasting pan with lid measures 13 x 8 x 5 inches outside and 11 x 7 x 3 inches on the inside, for a 5-pound turkey with the lid on and 7 pounds without.

This natural non-stick surface absorbs heat quickly for faster cooking times. Plus, the lid has a dent that keeps food moist for a satisfying meal.

This pan is also dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning after use a breeze.

The pan has a handleless body that makes moving it a little more difficult. However, it saves space in the dishwasher and oven.

Laedau Granite Roaster Pan 13 Inch

The Leadau small roasting pan with lid made from black granite is both elegant and practical, making it perfect for entertaining family and friends, cooking delicious meals for an important festival, or simply enjoying good company.

Laedau Granite Roaster Pan 13 Inch

This small granite roasting pan measures 13 x 8.7 x 4.1 inches, holds an approximately 7 lb turkey, and is ideal for casseroles, turkey, shredded chicken, roast beef with vegetables, and roast duck.

Using quality enamel and cold-rolled plates, the small oval granite roasting pan can be used directly with food, has a non-stick surface, and can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher.

A porcelain surface absorbs and distributes heat evenly, allowing it to cook faster and provide a more enjoyable cooking experience.

You can use this small granite roaster in oven, gas stove, electric stove, induction cooker and other heating appliances, but not in microwave ovens.

Its handleless body makes it a bit more difficult to move. But it saves space in the oven and dishwasher.

Homiu Roasting Dish with Lid 13 Inches

If you want to grill, this is the perfect pan for side dishes. It’s also a great addition to any dinner party or garden party since you can serve a variety of snacks. Its black speckled glaze and classic look make it an ideal addition to any cookware collection.

Homiu Roasting Dish with Lid 13 Inches

This small roasting pan with lid can help you make delicious dishes more quickly. All types of meats, vegetables, casseroles, and other delicious flavors can be easily prepared.

With dimensions of 7.87 x 12.99 x 5.91 inches, this roasting pan fits easily into your oven and still provides just enough space for your food.

This pan is ideal for use in all types of ovens up to 662 Fahrenheit / 350°C, as well as on gas, electric and induction cookers.

Using the durable glaze, the pan distributes heat evenly to ensure even cooking. Also, the self-adhesive property of the pan keeps food moist and succulent.

Small roasting pan with lid from Homiu is dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze.

Additionally, the handle is designed quite neatly, making it easy for the pan to be moved without taking up any space in the oven or dishwasher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a lid for a roasting pan?

Roasting pans sometimes come with lids. These are called “covered roasters”. It depends on the dish you are cooking whether or not you need a lid.

A roasting pan with a lid is essential when grilling or braising. They allow you to cook food more quickly and evenly, thus saving you time.

When cooking something dry like turkey, the lid traps moisture that condenses at the top and drips back into the bird, essentially making the roaster a self-roasting machine such as turkey roasting bags.

Covers can also keep something warm after it’s been taken out of the oven.

Some lids can be used as a second roasting pan, reducing spills and keeping the oven clean.

However, using a roasting pan with a lid does have some drawbacks:

  • Lids take up space in ovens and dishwashers.
  • A lid increases the weight of a roasting pan.
  • A clear lid won’t let you see what’s inside.

Are granite roasting pans safe?

The technological advances of today have made granite much lighter than previous generations. Granite rotary pans are free from PTFE, PFOA, or any other harmful chemicals.

Moreover, granite cookware has a natural non-stick surface, making cooking both safe and easy to clean after use.

Are enamel roasting pans safe?

When you heat a Teflon pan too hot, it can release toxic fumes. Glazed ceramic cookware, however, won’t break down at high temperatures, so they are a safe choice for cooking.

In addition to being versatile, enameled pots and pans can also be used as ovenware, making them perfect for many recipes.

The enamel of lower-quality enameled cookware from countries with lax regulations may contain lead or cadmium. It should not be a problem, however, when purchasing the product from reputable manufacturers. In the United States, all ceramic products must be lead and cadmium free, so the risk of exposure to the poison is very low.

For more information, you can read All about Enamal Roasting Pan You Should Know!

Safety Warning

The ceramic coating on enameled cookware can crack if exposed to sudden temperature changes, if dropped, or if metal objects are used on it.

You can maintain the quality of your porcelain cookware by taking a few simple precautions:

  • Use only silicone, wood, and nylon utensils inside the pot or pan.
  • Avoid steel wool or scouring pads when cleaning it. Hand wash with mild detergent.
  • Don’t change the temperature of the pot too quickly – don’t pour cold water over the pot before it cools down.

If the inside of the pot is cracked or crumbling, the danger is not the base material (usually iron, aluminum or steel); the danger is ceramic bumping into your food. If you must use a cracked pan, make sure you oil the contact iron to prevent rust.

We hope the information shared by Apronese.com above has helped you decide which small roasting pan to choose. Have fun cooking and enjoy your family. Let us know about your great moments by leaving a comment below.