The old fashioned tea kettle with whistle makes a perfect choice for spring tea parties, especially for those who love the nostalgic look.

Therefore, how can you choose the best old fashioned tea kettle with whistle for you? Here are some quick suggestions we can use to get started quickly with Apronese.

Are Tea Kettles Supposed to Whistle?

Ideally, an old fashioned tea kettle with whistle will let you know when the water is ready without you having to keep checking.

In addition to making your kettle easier to clean, it also allows the tea leaves to steep properly.

Buying Guide for Old Fashioned Tea Kettle with Whistle


Aluminum and stainless steel are common materials used to manufacture this kettle.

old fashioned tea kettle with whistle 03

Aluminum tea kettle have the following features:

  • The thin shell is easily deformed when external pressure is applied.
  • Light weight about ⅓ times that of stainless steel.
  • After boiling, the water cools faster
old fashioned tea kettle with whistle 02

Stainless steel tea kettle have the following features:

  • The body is hard and heavy and cannot easily be deformed.
  • Keeping water hot after boiling will extend its shelf life.

Both aluminum and stainless steel have good corrosion resistance under normal conditions. So you can make use of them in the kitchen with no worries.


Old fashioned tea kettles with whistles have always been an inspiration, but don’t forget to choose a pot with capacity that fits your needs.

Capacity ranges from 1,5 quarts to more than 3 quarts, with 1,5 quarts to 2,5 quarts being the most popular. A kettle that is 1.5L to 2L in size is the best choice if it is not used for large parties.

What Type of Stove and What Voltage It Uses

With the development of manufacturing industry, old fashioned tea kettle with whistle can now be used on many heat sources.

However, not all manufacturers can do this. So the type or voltage of cookers varies internationally, some products might need an adapter. You should make sure your stove is compatible before you buy it.

The Best Old Fashioned Tea Kettle with Whistle

The following high-rated old fashioned tea kettle with whistle were selected by Apronese after reading hundreds of users’ comments.

Lenox Butterfly Meadow Tea Kettle 2.5 Quart

From Lenox,  Butterfly Meadow tea kettle features a vivid scene of butterflies and flowers blooming on the surface. When the water is boiling, the whistle sounds, signaling the start of an exciting tea party.

old fashioned tea kettle with whistle 05

The kettle body is monolithic stainless steel glazed in a delicate light blue color. The sturdy stainless steel handle is also covered with plastic for a secure and easy grip.

You can open the faucet by removing the small rubber stopper on the lid, so your hands won’t be burned.

Lenox Butterfly Meadow has a capacity of 2.5 quart, enough to serve a large tea party or to serve the entire family without needing to boil more water.

Induction, infrared, electric, and gas stoves can all be used with this kettle.

The manufacturer recommends hand-washing the kettle after each use to keep it durable. Don’t worry!

the high handle and wide lid make pouring and cleaning easy.

Reviews from users

“I love this kettle! I use it 3-4 times a day. It’s great! Excellent quality: solid construction, solid handle, just the right size – neither too large nor too small, and clear color/design”.

Denise Garcia

“The color is a real light blue, not some other color. I only wish that the faucet was connected on the handle rather than requiring my thumb to open the mechanism to pour water. I was a bit intimidated at first, but I got used to it”.


Le Creuset Enamel on Steel Whistling Tea Kettle 1.7 Quart Caribbean

Le Creuset’s Whistling Tea Kettle combines traditional styling with modern technology for a look that can fit into any kitchen design. Useful for preparing coffee, oatmeal and much more in addition to tea.

old fashioned tea kettle with whistle 07

Water is quickly heated by carbon steel and a fixed whistle alerts the user when it is rolling boil.

The unique, locking handles and phenolic knobs of this tea kettle make it easy to lift, pour, and clean.

Can be used on any heat source: gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, induction.

Never place in the dishwasher. Hand-wash the kettle with hot, soapy water and dry thoroughly.

Chip-resistant, non-reactive, resistant to stains, and easy to clean, Le Creuset kettles make excellent gifts and are a beautiful way to add a touch of color to the kitchen.

Reviews from users

“This is the best kettle I could find. I tried two electric kettles and they weren’t good. I was hesitant to buy an enameled kettle since I am impatient. It makes a lovely sound as it boils water. Le Creuset’s price point should bring me both beauty and functionality. After water is added correctly, the whistle works fine. Wait about 10-15 seconds before pouring it to get a smooth pour”.

Andres Gonzalez

“Not a big deal, but a flashlight will help you see the depth of water compared to the holes of the spout when you set the kettle on a flat surface. The boiling time is medium, and the hiss is good but not loud. I think a mark on the outside of the lid would be nice, but I know you want the lid and kettle to be a uniform color, but I could certainly put a little mark so you are always aware of where the steam is coming from. Honestly, I like it”.

Eric Went

Cuisinart Aura Whistling Tea Kettle 2 Quart

Old fashioned tea kettle with whistle Aura by Cussinart has a non-reactive anti-corrosion interior as well as a polished stainless steel exterior.

A gleaming stainless steel kettle in a beautiful metallic red looks right in both traditional and today’s popular industrial-style home kitchens.

old fashioned tea kettle with whistle 08

All Cuisinart kettles have convenient whistles to signal that water is boiling. You can choose between 3 colors for the kettle, which has a capacity of up to 2 quart.

The plastic handle is quite sturdy and safe to hold. Pour safely and easily with the faucet open button attached to the kettle.

But the body and bottom of the kettle are not one block, so it is easy to collect water. Take your time cleaning if you don’t want it to rust.

Reviews from users

“I have been using this for over a year now, and despite a lot of horrible reviews about rust, mine hasn’t rusted yet. It has not caused any problems for me. Maybe people didn’t follow the instructions exactly, or maybe I got lucky?”

Michelle E

“I’m very particular about what I want in a tea kettle these days – it needs a whistle, to be large, to have a cool, durable handle, to not drip when pouring, to have an easy-to-clean opening, and to enhance a busy kitchen. This tea kettle has everything I’ve been looking for for a while now. I highly recommend it. And it looks excellent in my kitchen!”

Haiwin Soul (Hawwaiin)

Primula Avalon Whistling Kettle 2.5 Quart

Old fashioned tea kettle with whistle Avalon by Primula features a timeless design that will complement any decor from traditional to modern. Kettles are available in 5 colors with prices ranging from 32 USD to 44 USD.

In the same way that old fashioned tea kettle with whistles do, the Avalon emits a pleasant whistle when you are boiling water.

old fashioned tea kettle with whistle 09

You can serve your friends and family in this 2.5 quart tea kettle at dinner parties and get-togethers.

It’s quite easy to open the faucet with the plastic handle and button. With its wide mouth lid, you can easily empty and dry the kettle between uses. This product can be used with many heat sources.

Reviews from users

“After reading reviews warning that colored tea kettle chipped, I decided to purchase the Primula Avalon Whistling Tea kettle in Brushed Stainless Steel. Especially liked is that no seams are on the bottom of the tea kettle”.


“The heat-resistant handle works well, and a handy faucet opener is attached to the handle. You have to fill it almost half full before the buzzer works. I like the shape of the faucet, the position of the handle and that there is no steam when you are pouring.”

Mary Kelly

T-fal C76220 Whistling Coffee and Tea Kettle 3 Quart

Getting a cup of tea from T-fal tea kettle has never been easier or more enjoyable with a capacity of up to the 3 quart.

This old fashioned tea kettle with whistle from T-fal is built with stainless steel for lasting performance and beauty.

old fashioned tea kettle with whistle 10

An ergonomic black handle and stylish design make this a welcome addition to any kitchen. Easy to open or close the spout cover on the handle with just one push.

With a wide base, water can come to a boil more quickly. When the water is ready to pour, you will hear a pleasant whistle from the spout cover.

In addition to the conveniently sized opening, the lid is snug, so there is enough water for a small tea party.

Due to a defect, this kettle cannot be used with induction cookers.

Reviews from users:

“I bought it a month ago. Since I have used so much so far, I brew Lipton tea to make a gallon of sweet tea. Works great, bigger than expected, which is good since I make large batches of tea. After much research, I decided on this one, and so far I am very pleased”.

Shannon Cummins

“MAN, OH MAN, do I like this? First, it boils water quickly, I’m not kidding. A full pot will boil in just a minute or two. As a result, I drink more hot tea. It’s also great for things like Cup O’ Noodles, as it boils water much faster than my microwave”.

Scott Charlet

Kate Spade Black Deco Kettle

Designed by Kate Spade New York, this gorgeous tea kettle is playful, chic, and the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Deco Dot Kettle is made of durable acrylic and stainless steel, comes in six exquisite colors and has a capacity of 2.5 quart.

old fashioned tea kettle with whistle 11

You can easily fill and clean the kettle because of its high handle and wide mouth.

Although this kettle has a beautiful design, it has a few disadvantages:

  • You should always use oven gloves or potholders when handling boiling water.
  • With a capacity of only 2.5 quarts, the kettle is quite heavy, weighing up to 3 pounds.

Reviews from users

“It’s something I absolutely love in my kitchen. So cute, not expensive even though it’s a brand name. Blue is more like black, but that doesn’t matter to me. The whistle is the perfect tune and very seductive – not too loud, not shrill. The only thing is that the boiling water is VERY hot (if you let it to the whistle)”.

Rochelle S

“I really love my new kettle, very nice. Good quality enamel, inside and out. It cleans easily, the horn works fine (except it gets very hot), everything is great”.


Safety Warning

Apronese read a lot of reviews from buyers and noticed that they had a lot of problems with the kettle. To avoid risks during use, you should also note the following:

  • Please read the manufacturer’s instructions before using to ensure product safety and durability.
  • Hard water can cause yellowing, plaque, and rust, so be sure to empty excess water and rinse after each use.
  • To avoid overflow, do not pour water over the designated line when boiling water.
  • To boil efficiently and safely, ensure that the burner is of the same size as the kettle base.
  • When using a gas stove, avoid letting the flame spill over the base of the kettle, melting the faucet cap or damaging the enamel.
  • Never heat a kettle without water in it.
  • Don’t let the kettle boil on any heat source for too long; it can overheat or dry out, which can result in damage to the base and enamel.
  • Remove your tea kettle from the burner and make sure that the handle is upright before pouring.
  • Simply hand wash the tea kettle with hot soapy water and dry thoroughly. Never use abrasive cleaning products on the tea kettle.
  • The kettle can be gently descaled periodically if needed.

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