One of the best football players of all time is Lionel Messi. Messi has flourished for Paris Saint-Germain and Argentina since leaving Barcelona, but his time at PSG is short. Argentina defeated France in the 2022 World Cup final, giving Messi his first World Cup victory. We’ll look at Lionel Messi’s 2023 net worth today.

Due to his playing contracts, endorsement deals, and investments, the seven-time FIFA Ballon d’Or winner is worth $600 mιllιon. In 2023, Lionel Messi is valued $600 mιllιon.

In 2021, Messi moved from Barcelona to PSG. Leaving Barcelona: “Despite reaching an agreement between Barca and Leo Messi, and with the clear intention of both parties to sign a new contract today, it will not be possible to formalize the agreement due to economic and structural obstacles (Spanish LaLiga regulations).”

Despite his turbulent time with PSG, Messi enjoyed a fantastic World Cup run in 2022. Messi contributed to Argentina’s victory by scoring twice in the World Cup Final versus France and in the penalty shootout. His GOAT career was sealed by it.

Messi’s endorsements allow him to remain wealthy. Off the field, he competes with Cristiano Ronaldo’s Nike as a result of his lucrative lifetime contract with Adidas. Messi has additional significant brand partnerships.

Although his business transactions are private, he has a number of them. He contributed to the Azahares del Parana development in Rosario. The seven gated communities contain a large park, a beach that extends for 210 yards, a recreation center with fields for football and volleyball, tennis courts, and a golf course. Obviously a marina with 60 boats. It is a getaway, a haven, and nirvana.

In 2019, Messi created the Messi Store, a retail store for his apparel line. The Leo Messi Foundation helps the needy.

Even after he retires, his value should rise due to his brand’s draw and his long life. Messi-like players are rare, yet they never fade from the spotlight.

Messi’s playing career may end at age 35, but he will continue to earn tremendous sums of money. As he enters his twilight years, he still has a great deal of earning potential, and there are rumors of a major transfer while he deals with the PSG scandal. Excitement presently surrounds either a return to Barcelona or a move to Saudi Arabia, where he would follow in the footsteps of Cristiano Ronaldo.