Damian Lillard is the current mascot for the Portland Trail Blazers. The franchise will follow Lillard wherever he goes, as seen by this. Lillard is still regarded as one of the best guards in the NBA right now despite not having a championship to his credit, especially after he set a franchise record and career-high 71 points in a single game.

Have you ever questioned how Lillard, a seven-time All-Star, is able to cope with his limitless range? Thus, you need no longer ponder. Damian Lillard’s $7 mιllιon home in West Linn, Oregon is highlighted in this article.

Lillard earned Rookie of the Year, which made it easy for the Blazers management to name him their cornerstone since his NBA debut. Lillard has since established himself as one of the NBA’s top guards.

The Blazers retained his services in 2015 after he signed a lucrative extension worth $120 mιllιon over five years. Following the agreement, Lillard relocated to Oregon and purchased a $2.8 mιllιon mansion in West Linn. This residence is currently valued at $7 mιllιon.