created Christopher To say that Chris Brown, real name Maurice Brown, is a household name would be an understatement. The controversy surrounding multibillionaire singer and entrepreneur Rihanna at the start of his career forced his personal life to the fore, which surely damaged his reputation.

However, he persevered, and as a result, he now has the property, mementos, and business ventures to show for it. So let’s take a glimpse inside one of his prized possessions, the “smart house” mansion he purchased in 2014 for $4.35 million in Tarzana, California.

He won’t have to worry about security, as his property is covered by 16 strategically positioned security cameras and a state-of-the-art alarm system. For a variety of reasons, including the fact that it is remote and spread out over 8,300 square feet on nearly an acre of land, he might need 16 cameras to watch over his property.

The San Fernando Valley community of Tarzana was named after the Disney character Tarzan. Given that Chris Breezy may sometimes be a reckless individual, it makes sense that he would choose to live somewhere with this name. Despite the fact that Chris Brown’s enormous home is larger than the smallest residence Rihanna has ever owned (8,300 square feet), it still has much to offer.

With stone and hardwood flooring running throughout the entire home, the guarded mansion includes six bedrooms and six bathrooms. The interior design is stunning. To contrast the dark timber accents, several areas of the house have sparkling white tile. Being the tech-savvy millennial superstar that he is, this mansion employs solar energy in addition to being a smart home. How to make investments to fight climate change, Chris!

The house’s façade includes a sizable garage that can fit thirteen vehicles, including bikes and quad bikes, to satisfy Chris Brown’s automobile and motorcycle passion.

Chris is renowned for using spray paint to decorate the exterior of his home, but the interior design of his Tarzana residence is certain to catch your eye. As one might expect from a California residence, the living and dining rooms are spacious and filled with natural light.

The living room and den continue the sensation of spaciousness with their clean, uncomplicated design, rustic wooden sitting table, and flat-screen TVs hung on the walls. Even one of the living areas has an integrated fireplace and a sliding glass wall that connects to the terrace.