Nina Dobrev has been in Hollywood hits such as Degrassi, The Vampire Diaries, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower throughout the 2000s. Her four-bedroom West Hollywood home is out of the ordinary.

The interiors were motivated by Dobrev’s formative years spent in southern France as a Bulgarian. While she carefully preserved the Spanish-style structure from the late 1920s, sleek brass accents, locally sourced art, and furniture give the property an airy California chill that gives it European elegance.

Dobrev, like many others, remodeled because of the epidemic. Nina Dobrev tells AD: “I used to joke that I spent the majority of my life on airplanes because I am constantly traveling for work and pleasure.” “But the pandemic was the first time I was in my home for an extended period of time,” she recalls, adding that she herself painted the residence.

She laughs, “Maybe it’s the cheap side of me, the Bulgarian girl from Eastern Europe who was like, I don’t want to pay a lot of money to have a bunch of people come and paint this, and I’m bored. She painted the exterior of the mustard-yellow house matte white after purchasing a pressure washer and paint from The Home Depot.

No, Nina was not afraid of color, according to Charlie Barstein, who remodeled Dobrev’s residence during the pandemic. The kitchen was Dobrev’s greatest challenge and the home’s focal point. It resembles a rustic kitchen in that it has olive green cabinets and terra-cotta flooring. Italian terra-cotta tiles and the retro-styled Ilve collection are additional European influences. Barstein installed artwork by Joe Henry Baker in a butler’s pantry.

The rest of the house is getting a “facelift,” according to Dobrev, not a reconstruction. There was also an expanded breakfast nook with fluffier cushions and clever living room color schemes. She received a Bowie print and an enlarged safari photo from her boyfriend, snowboarder Shaun White, in that space. In contrast to these colorful pops, Dobrev enjoys her “very adult Nina” spice rack. The finest feature of the home is that it “makes me feel mature.”