The most recent celebrity to sell is rock icon Rod Stewart, whose $70 mιllιon North Beverly Park house.

Stewart, 78, purchased the property for slightly more than $12 mιllιon in 1991 and commissioned famed California architect Richard Landry to design the mansion, which has been his home ever since.

The palace-like estate has patterned marble floors, exquisite wood paneling, crystal chandeliers, and delicate moldings.

There, Stewart resides with his two youngest sons, Aiden, 12, and Alistair, 18. The house was purchased by the ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?’ singer during his second marriage to model Rachel Hunter.

Yellow double doors adorn the nine-bedroom main house. The long private driveway has a motor court and classical fountain. The marble foyer has Corinthian columns and elaborate mirrors.

The estate’s three-story guesthouse, two gyms, and pool may be its main attractions. A lounge with a bar, fireplace, and French doors overlooks the entire arrangement.

It contains a formal dining room that seats 20 people, a grand piano, a wood-paneled library, and a chandelier. A large closet, perfect for Stewart, a shoe enthusiast, is shown in the listing images.

Stewart is a Celtics fan who used to play soccer, so the 33,000-square-foot estate includes a vast soccer field. In 2016, he was granted permission to build a pitch at his Essex home.