Despite rumors that Taylor Swift and Joe Alywn had broken up, admirers continue to visit her old apartment despite the possibility that she would never cross Cornelia Street again.

The ninth track on Taylor Swift’s seventh studio album, “Lover,” “Cornelia Street,” makes references to an apartment she once owned in New York City’s West Village as well as the early stages of her relationship with a man who many people assume to be actor Joe Alwyn.

The apartment is only a quarter mile west of Washington Square Park and situated in one of the most exclusive and pricey districts of the city, roughly 15 minutes by subway from Midtown.

Swift reportedly paid roughly $39,500 a month to rent the three-story home from Curbed while one of her three Tribeca residences underwent repairs. It was eventually sold for $11.5 mιllιon about a year later.

Even though the house is listed as having three stories, it also has a basement with a gym and an indoor pool, as well as a sizable rooftop patio. In January 2023, the house became a rental option, with a monthly rent of $45,000. The house is rented for $50,000 a month as of April 2023.

The mansion, which was originally built in 1870 as a carriage house, was later renovated into an opulent 5,500-square-foot single-family residence with a drive-in garage ideal for celebrities who want to enter and escape without drawing attention from the media.

Most of the windows in the building, according People, look out onto the backyard, giving Swift solitude while she resided there.

A skylight, a glass-enclosed shower, and a marble bathtub can be found in the main bathroom.

Swift reportedly spent frigid fall days in the apartment, which included a marble hearth and wood-burning fireplace in the living room on the second floor.

The dining area, which has a view of the West Village, flows into the newly renovated kitchen with an open concept.

It is 5.5 feet deep in the pool. A lounge space with a second fireplace and an outdoor patio may be found behind the indoor pool. A gallery area, a gym, and a garden are included on the ground floor.