Chibu gave admirers and the world a tour of his multi-million dollar mansion at Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam. A dashing beauty in a half-dress delivered breakfast to his bedroom.

Before waking up, he saw the female signaling him to follow and grabbed the mic. The lady was a vixеn for his online performance on Jeje, which he chose.



Platnumz pursued the white beauty and threw bones at his bedroom door before entering his garment cubicle.

He exhibits a variety of outfits, hats, and footwear in his well-organized but crowded closets.
We descend the stairs in seconds. The vixen tosses her tresses back and continues to speak while Naseeb speaks into the microphone.

Diamond, captivated by the vixen’s sinuous body movement, followed her to the first floor. They stop at a rack displaying his awards, speaking ability, notoriety, and diversity. Before leaving, we entered the dining area, which emanates sophistication, elegance, and a refined palate.