On Sunday, May 7, a special concert honoring King Charles III’s coronation will be televised live from Windsor Castle. With music legends like That That, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry booked to perform, the celebration of the new monarch on the grounds of the old royal home is sure to be a spectacular one.

Windsor Castle may be found in the Berkshire town of Windsor, which is a part of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. Windsor Castle is a royal residence held by the Crown, situated in the heart of Windsor’s town center, and surrounding by the Great Windsor Park.

Windsor Castle was built in the 11th century by William the Conqueror because it was adjacent to the capital and near a royal hunting forest, making it an ideal location for a royal residence. He began work at Windsor around 1070, and it took him 16 years to complete the Castle.

For for a thousand years, British Kings and Queens have called Windsor Castle home. The castle is the oldest and largest working royal home in the world and has housed almost 40 kings and queens.

King Charles will continue to frequently host formal events at Windsor Castle, such as state visits by foreign kings and presidents. Currently, more than 150 employees work there, according to the Royal Collection Trust

The 13 acres that make up the grounds of Windsor Castle are equivalent to 269 tennis courts! Like Buckingham Palace, a portion of Windsor Castle is open to the public, allowing guests to view historic rooms built for Charles II and his wife, Catherine of Braganza.

According to the Royal Collection Trust, the Great Fire at Windsor began on November 20, 1992, and was extinguished after 15 hours and 1.5 mιllιon gallons of water were used by more than 200 firefighters.

The Castle was seriously damaged in some places and completely demolished in others. On the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s 50th wedding anniversary, the restoration effort was completed five years to the day after the fire first broke out.

Since the 1100s, the Round Tower has been a part of Windsor’s gardens. The Round Tower was, however, raised by about 30 feet during the reign of George IV in order to improve the Castle’s skyline and adhere to the monarch’s beliefs about gothic architecture.

There are around 450 clocks throughout Windsor Castle, including the Great Park. When BST begins, it takes the clockmaker 16 hours to adjust each clock’s time. When BST ends, it takes them 18 hours to adjust. Furthermore, the clocks in the royal kitchen run five minutes faster than usual to ensure that food is never delivered late.