After months of renovation, Michelle Keegan and her husband Mark Wright have moved into their dream property in Essex, but there is a costly problem.

According to the Daily Mail, the TOWIE star and actress paid £1.3 mιllιon for the old property next to Epping Forest in 2019 and then demolished it to construct a mega-mansion that is reported to be worth an estimated £3.5 mιllιon.

In spite of their best efforts, the trees in their home ultimately let them down. Mark reported that the building’s £30,000 worth of landscaping has died, leaving it vulnerable to prying eyes.

I planted several trees in my garden, and they all died. It’s terrible because I spent so much time monitoring them and pleading with them to flourish,’ the reality star said on iHeart Radio.The company blamed the soil because, clearly, the improper soil may make your plants go bad. These trees were my border trees to offer me a little bit of privacy.

“[I] ended up finding out they recommended the wrong plants to me, and it was because they’re not supposed to be outside in anything below minus five degrees and at Christmas time it was like minus 15 when it snowed,” she said.

Since deciding to start building their ideal house, the pair has been updating fans on all things interior design and gardening via a dedicated social media account.

Since Mark already shown how to make some sweet treats in their kitchen on Pancake Tuesday, the results are as opulent as is reasonable. The kitchen was outfitted with stylish black cabinets, a dark wooden island, and glass pendant lighting.

The couple has shared numerous photographs of their home’s beige and gold interior, which features a dining room table with a marble top and large windows that let in an abundance of natural light.

Obviously, there is a great deal more opulent décor in the room, such as exquisite lighting fixtures, statues, and artwork.
In addition, there is a swimming pool and a pool house with a designated fire pit where additional visitors may stay.

Despite their tree problems, it is evident that Michelle and Mark will exist in their own world of luxury. We are extremely, extremely enamored.