Every time you cook a dish for your whole family, you usually focus and give all your attention to it.

But sometimes, the heat from the handle of the cooking saucepan causes you to burn and lose your cooking feelings.

Have you ever been in a situation like this?

So :

Why does the handle of a saucepan get hot when it is on the stove?

When it comes to cooking, this is one of the most common questions that confuses and frustrates many people.

And the answer has to do with the science of heat transfer of the conductors that make up your saucepan.

Apronese.com thinks that there are many causes for this problem, and you do not need to worry too much, because all will have solutions to solve.

If you have a situation where your saucepan heats up while cooking, how would you handle this situation?

Take some time to learn it in the article below.

Top 3 Reasons Why Does the Handle of a Saucepan Get Hot When It Is on the Stove.

When you put a saucepan on the stove, the heat from the burner will be transferred to the pan to heat the pan and cook the food.

As a result, the metal in the pan heats up and transfers heat to the handle to a certain extent.

When cooking for a short time, you won’t be affected by it, but when cooking for a long time, it can burn you and make it difficult to remove the saucepan.

Boiling Point of Water

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When the water in your sacepan heats up, it will begin to boil
The boiling point of water is about 200 degrees.

If you’re cooking pasta or soup, the longer it cooks, the higher the boiling point.

When this happens, it can cause the handle of the saucepan to get really hot.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever left a pan on the stove for too long without turning it off, the handle gets hot and really hot.

In cooking ketchup, soup, or soup, we’re pushing the boiling point of the liquid up, which leads to heat spreading quickly and heating up the handle quickly when we put food in hot water.

Liquid Expansion

Why does the handle of a saucepan get hot when it is on the stove 02

There’s another reason your saucepan handle heats up quickly, and that’s the expansion of water when it comes to boiling point.

Our meat or soup is cooked at high temperatures, which is one of the reasons. When we boil something, the liquid expands.

A gradual increase in temperature will occur due to this expansion, and heat will be transferred to the handle as a result.

Cook Too Much

Why does the handle of a saucepan get hot when it is on the stove 03

If you have to cook a large amount of food, it means that the cooking time will increase a lot.

Your saucepan will cook on the stove for a longer time, resulting in high heat for a long time causing the handle of the saucepan to heat up.

FAQs about How Come Saucepan Handles Get Hot When on the Stove

Why Do Cooking Pans Have Metal Handles?

This is not a confusing thing from the manufacturer.

The reason for this is that metals are durable materials, and they won’t crack, warp or burn when exposed to high or continuous temperatures.

However, they are excellent conductors of heat, which is why it is very easy for people to burn their hands when cooking for a long time.

Do Pan Handles Get Hot on Induction Hobs

It’s also not true to say it doesn’t heat up, but it’s less likely to heat your saucepan handle than when cooking on an open fire.

Since it is an induction cooktop, the majority of the heat generated is heating the base of the saucepan,only when your saucepan reaches an overheated state will it result in heating of the handle, but not too much.

Why Is the Handle on the Small Pan Hotter than the Handle on the Larger Pan?

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With a small handle and a large handle, exposed to the same amount of heat, for the same amount of time, of course, the small handle will heat up much faster than a pan with a large handle.

The process is similar to heating a dozen eggs or a single egg.

Obviously, one egg will get hotter, faster than ten dozen, when exposed to the same amount of heat and time.

So which pan is more suitable for you, what size to choose for newbies or those who are new to the kitchen, you can refer to this What Size Saucepan Do I Need article of ours.

Do Handles Get Hot on Stainless Steel Cookware?

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The handle becomes cooler and firmer when stainless steel is used because it conducts heat poorly.

Through the tubular shape of the stainless steel handle, an internal air flow travels up the grip.

By slowing the heat buildup, the handle will stay cooler for a longer period of time.

These are the 4 most frequently asked questions and answers about common kitchen problems Why does the handle of a saucepan get hot when it’s on the stove?

With the information given above, hope you understand and have a suitable solution for your problem.

How Do You Prevent Saucepan Handles Overheating

If you have a saucepan, you might want to consider swapping out a new copper or aluminum pan.

Pan handles are usually steel, covered with silicone or some other protective layer to prevent them from overheating.

Lift pot handles over a high-heat hob using a kitchen towel, towel or kitchen towel if they do not have a safety layer.

Heat Resistant Handle Wrap

Why does the handle of a saucepan get hot when it is on the stove 09

You can safely move hot pans from stove to oven with this handy tool, making it a useful addition to any busy kitchen.

Handles are made of highly heat-resistant silicone, protecting your hands from burning.

You can use it for anything from copper to cast iron pans at home or when camping.

You can easily store the small and flexible handle in your kitchen drawer.

This is a great replacement and a must have in your family today.

Replace with Pans with Insulated Handles

Replacing a steel handle with a brass handle.
Using copper handles protects saucepan handles from overheating.

Replace steel handle with wooden handle.
Wooden handles are another great way to protect your hands from pot burns, because wood absorbs more heat than metal, so your hands are less likely to feel the same amount of heat on them.

A saucepan is an everyday cooking item that almost every home has and uses. So what is saucepan used for you probably already know, because it has many uses such as cooking, sautéing and sometimes frying and easy to cook delicious dishes with it.

But, sometimes a saucepan also gives you a hard time because the handle gets hot, which can cause you to burn or spill the food you are cooking.

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