Venus and Serena Williams are unwinding in their newly furnished home office while under quarantine on Zoom on another Sunday afternoon.

After co-owning a Palm Beach Gardens property where the Grand Slam duo has lived intermittently since 1998, with Serena dividing her time between secondary homes in Bel-Air and Paris, she purchased a sprawling waterfront property with breathtaking views in a sought-after enclave north of Miami, just minutes from Venus and their parents. Venus’s premier design firm, V Starr, assisted her in creating the ideal home for her family.

Serena claims that she wanted her first action after Venus to be noteworthy. Their success as brothers and creative partners is straightforward: “Keep to your lane. Tennis is where I excel, not interior design. I gained knowledge while studying Venus.

Venus asserts that she prioritized Serena’s vision, which evolved during the creation process. After purchasing a 14,500-square-foot Spanish Mediterranean–style residence, Serena’s traditional tendencies contrasted with her new lifestyle.

Serena and her husband and toddler moved into the ultra-modern intracoastal villa in July after three years and a comprehensive refurbishment. The saying goes, “If you build it, they will come.” They all concur that Serena’s creativity, with V Starr’s assistance, guided the design.

Ohanian supported Serena’s hands-on approach, but he was in command of their daughter’s three-year-old bedroom. Both parents agree that Olympia’s pink castle bed with a slide and Josh Fradis’ one-of-a-kind chandelier are the crowning achievements of their home. Unquestionably princess-worthy.

Every night, she slides as Serena and I are thinking, “Man, we shouldn’t have done that. Now, at bedtime, she just wants to slide.” When she’s happy, I’m happy.

Olympia’s chamber is the most extravagant, despite Serena’s insistence on moderation throughout. The combination of sleek, clean lines and high-end features with warm woods and casual accents that complement Serena’s laid-back vibe produced a visual narrative that embodies Serena’s new design aesthetic, which Haffey refers to as “livable luxury.” The client was a source of inspiration, supplying hotel references from around the globe.