Hedge fund manager Jeffrey Feinberg paid $44 mιllιon for a sizable 54,885 square foot estate in a recent off-market deal, topping the property’s initial asking price of $43 mιllιon.

The residence is situated on a private 1,200-square-foot lot in Brentwood, with views of the neighboring Getty Museum, making it a very prestigious location. There is a guesthouse and a driveway that leads to the cellar on the property.

The mansion’s interior is unusually airy because to the big glass walls typical of contemporary Californian architecture. With 26-foot ceilings and a 1,000-gallon, double-sided aquarium that offers views of the kitchen, the dining area and great room are connected. The use of more natural materials is continued at the bottom of the steps with a cactus garden and a living wall constructed of plants and succulents.

For large gatherings, a second, more private chef’s galley with its own exterior entrance is located above the open-concept kitchen. Even a walk-in refrigerator that appears to have been removed from a restaurant is included.

Infinity pool and seating area are located on the front lawn, which is visible from every living and dining space on the first floor’s glass walls. You can cook outside thanks to the outdoor kitchen, which has a pizza oven, BBQ, and LED TV.

The majority of the luxury amenities are located on the ground floor, commencing with the Rolls-Royce Theater screening room. According to Nosrati, the tiny ceiling lights are based on the fiber-optic ones in a Rolls-Royce, hence the name.

The Kobe Bryant-themed “legends” half-basketball court is outside; it was made in his honor and prominently features the Lakers player’s 24 jersey number and the purple and gold of his uniform. The borders also feature Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and other well-known players. Basketball players can see out over the entire city because it is on a floating platform.

The residence has three terraces as opposed to just one. One is for lounging and the other is a putting green with three holes, so there are two on the second level. The final location is a roof deck with a garden containing six cannabis plants. Nosrati states, “I believe this will be the future.” “Many homes have wine cellars and other storage areas; this is where you grow your own cannabis.”