While growing up in Liverpool, Wayne Rooney resided in social housing, but his roomy Barbados mansion, which he rents out for $25,000 per week, demonstrates his real estate know-how. In addition, he shelled over £450,000 for his parents’ separate residence in Liverpool. In 2007, he also bought a £320,000 oceanfront condo in Florida’s Sunshine State.

The Wayne Rooneys’ real estate holdings extend to foreign countries, where they rent a magnificent Barbados villa during the high season for more than £25,000 per week. The five-bedroom residence has an infinity pool, a cinema room, and a shared golf course, as well as photographs of the famous actresses Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

Compared to their purchase of Barbados, other of Wayne and Coleen’s acquisitions don’t seem to have done as well. The couple spent roughly £320,000 to buy a lavish waterfront apartment at Harbor Pointe in Port Charlotte, Florida, in 2007, but ultimately property values declined. They bought the flat via Your Place Abroad, which has previously served clients including footballer Michael Owen and cricketer Andrew Flintoff, according to the Daily Mail.

Prior to becoming the target of an attempted burglary, the Rooney family had resided in their £6 million home in Prestbury, Cheshire, for over a decade. In August 2016, while Wayne was playing in a testimonial game, a former serviceman attempted to break into Coleen’s home, leaving her concerned for the protection of her children. Six en-suite chambers, a cinema, a Jacuzzi, and a swimming pool are reportedly included in the Rooneys’ residence, also known as “Waynesor Castle”

Following Wayne Rooney’s hiring as head coach of DC United, there were allegations that the Rooney family intended to move into a lavish £12 million Washington, DC estate.In addition to a wine cellar, home gym, outdoor pool, play area, and even a huge movie screen, the Wesley Heights property included all of these amenities. It was later made known, nevertheless, that the family had made the decision to move to Maryland. They were positioned within a 50-minute drive from the US capital, according to estimates.

The 40-acre site of the Rooneys’ new house is in Cheshire. The £20 million property includes a number of buildings, stables, two man-made fishing lakes, and an orangery.We did observe that the lavish new property has been compared to a Travelodge and even a Morrisons shop due to its exterior.