Previously, one of the NBA’s most thrilling scorers was Carmelo Anthony. Melo and his wife La La decided to end their seven-year marriage in 2017, which resulted in the breakup of their partnership. Therefore, it is not surprising that the former couple decided to sell their Spanish-style marital home, which they bought for $2.3 mιllιon in 2010.

The 2,118 square foot property was sold for $3 mιllιon after being initially listed on the market in February 2023 for $2.6 mιllιon.

Although the mansion was built in 1929, it has been renovated to conform to a more modern aesthetic. The interior of the mansion contains three bedrooms and the same number of toilets. It features a spacious living room with a fireplace, a contemporary, sleek kitchen, a spacious dining area, and a luxurious family room with a walk-in wardrobe and a beautiful bathtub. In addition to the interior amenities, the mansion’s garden includes a swimming pool, pavilion, sundeck, and two-car garage.

Even though divorce is typically bad news, Melo and La La should have been able to move on from their failed marriage with the help of selling their marital home. In truth, La La will appear as a well-known television personality in upcoming movies including The Perfect Find and The Waterboyz.

Melo, on the other hand, continues to earn money from endorsement agreements and business interests despite not having joined an NBA team recently. Melo is estimated to have a net worth of $160 mιllιon, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Now, the 10-time All-Star should be able to maintain a lavish lifestyle.