The most well-known performances of Johnny Depp, one of the most sought-after actors in the world, are those of Captain Jack Sparrow, Sweeny Todd, and Willy Wonka. The actor, who has a net worth of $200 million, lives an opulent lifestyle and makes significant expenditures in cars and real estate.

The fourteen homes that Johnny Depp possessed in his real estate portfolio cost him a total of more than $75 million, not including the cost of upkeep and personnel salaries. Over the years, he has bought, sold, and renovated a number of his estates, allowing him to visit them whenever he needs a break from his busy schedule.

European Town

In 2001, Johnny paid an undisclosed sum for a French estate. The estate includes a private residence, a skate park, various cabins, a vineyard cellar, and a small café. It’s a deserted town. He frequented the location with his ex-wife Vanessa Paradis and their children when the 19th-century structures were reconstructed at a cost of millions of dollars. Johnny has worked tirelessly to enhance the neighborhood, including converting a nearby church into a hotel.

Farmhouse in Virginia

The well-known individual spent $950,000 on a 41-acre horse ranch close to Lexington, Kentucky, in 1995. He named it Betty Sue’s Family Farm in memory of his late mother, who spent the most of her time there. Four years after selling it for $1 million in 2001, he acquired the house for $2 million. He listed the home for $3 million after his mother passed away in 2016.

A prestigious Bahamas island

Depp discovered the valuable island while filming the Pirates of the Caribbean film in the Bahamas in 2003. In 2004, the Little Halls Ponds Cay island was purchased for $3.6 million. The actor erected a ranch-style residence on the property, which has a panoramic view of the environment.

Five-story penthouse in Los Angeles

It makes sense that Depp doesn’t cut corners when it comes to personal space and values having nearly the entire floor or area to himself when he purchases a home. The same was true when he bought his penthouse. Johnny Depp’s Los Angeles residence is a collection of five penthouses with a stunning roof and a swimming pool, similar to his property in the Hollywood Hills. These penthouses, which were purchased for a total of $7.2 mιllιon between 2007 and 2008, really cost $12.78 mιllιon.

Hollywood’s Five-Mansion Hills neighborhood

Johnny Depp’s Hollywood estate’s five houses are abstractly integrated. This is where the famous person spends the majority of his time. The actor’s mansions cost more than $19 mιllιon. According to rumors, Johnny was even planning on digging a tunnel beneath the ground to connect all of the houses to his own. These houses have a total floor size of around 7,430 square feet.

House of Somerset

When Johnny purchased a house in Somerset in 2014, he expanded his real estate investments into England. On the 820-acre Somerset Mansion estate, the ancient house is located. The actor spent an additional $2.5 mιllιon on inside repairs after purchasing the historic building for $2.5 mιllιon. It boasts eight baths and twelve bedrooms, according to the Daily Mail. While filming in England, he stays there and owns the property.