Maluma, a musician from Latin America, is rapidly approaching superstardom on a global scale. The Grammy-nominated (and Latin Grammy-winning) artist has been confined to his modern yet luxurious home in the hills near his hometown of Medelln, Colombia. He just offered AD a video tour of what he calls his “sanctuary.”

Maluma continues by describing his art-filled house, which he has owned for three years and furnished with a brown and white color scheme: To be here and appreciate my home feels wonderful. I needed this period of time to enjoy and take in what I had spent a very long time developing.

He believes that having a home with an indoor-outdoor ambiance has long been a desire of his, and this one certainly fulfills that requirement. The main living room, which also has high ceilings and glass walls, features high ceilings, glass walls, a floating staircase, and lush flora from every angle.

A white piano, a KAWS sculpture, and horse-themed artwork surround the distinctive spherical seating area that is recessed into the light hardwood floor and features a sculptural fire pit in the center. “I love having dinner [here] with my family,” Maluma exclaims. He reports that in another sitting area, which is just a plain stack of soft rugs and pillows, Jenga and Uno games are routinely played.

The kitchen’s handleless, all-white cabinetry gives it a Scandinavian feel. Even though he has a chef quarantining with him, Maluma persists on brewing his own coffee every morning and drinking it from one of his many mugs with images of his family members on them on his terrace. (His assortment of baroque Versace vessels is utilized less frequently.)

The lower level of Maluma’s home reveals his lighthearted side, while the main floor reveals his eye for design. He claims it has a frequently used Ping-Pong table, a complete gym, a movie theater, a blackjack table, and everything else a quarantined individual could possibly need to pass the time.

This gaming area, which features a framed collection of soccer jerseys, provides access to the backyard, where there is a large pool with a modern ivory-colored pool deck, a hot spring, and a barbecue smoker.