Two years ago, Jason Derulo struggled. The pop singer-songwriter enjoyed a string of hits in the late 2000s and early 2010s, including “It Girl,” “Trumpets,” and “Whatcha Say,” but he hadn’t charted in the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 in five years. Derulo left Warner Bros. in May 2020, citing “creative differences,” following the dismal reception of his 2019 “2Sides” EP. Was the 30-year-old finished?

Derulo attempted TikTok during the outbreak. With 51.6 million followers, Derulo is currently the 14th most followed account on TikTok, due to the head of artist relations Isabel Quinteros Annous and a ton of funny videos that were expertly made. The app also helped his 2020 single “Savage Love” reach the top spot in a number of countries. With a new generation of adolescents who hadn’t heard of his prior accomplishments, Derulo accepted the limelight. Usher not.

Derulo signed with Atlantic Records last year after his TikTok popularity. The TikTok money is good, too—estimates claim a large account of this magnitude might earn $75,000 in advertising income per video, but Derulo says he makes “far more” than that.

Whatever you make of Derulo’s bizarre videos—one featured eating corn from a power drill, another required chopping off his eyebrow—his bank account is likely healthier than ever.

The native Floridian already has a $3 mιllιon property in the far-off Tarzana neighborhood of Los Angeles, but records reveal he paid $3.6 mιllιon on an almost brand-new Encino residence. A non-famous buyer paid $3.3 mιllιon for the nearly 5,000 square foot modern farmhouse in December 2020.

The new owner swiftly left. The house was relisted six months later, but Derulo had to wait another eight months to buy it. The interiors are mainly unstaged and almost empty, as evidenced by the listing images.