Emma Chamberlain began her YouTube career five years ago. Since then, she has become one of the world’s leading social media influencers, admired by fashion and coffee enthusiasts alike.

The enormous mansion, described by Chamberlain as having a “woodsy, cabin in Lake Tahoe” vibe, was previously held by celebrities such as actor Barry Bostwick and R&B icon Natalie Cole.

Just a few minutes from Los Angeles’ bustling downtown, the interior of the house is a tranquil, well-lit retreat. The eclectic, boho-chic design has a $12,000 Ultrafragola mirror, a Martin Massé dining table in the shape of a surfboard, and a $31,000 Trueing Studio chandelier in addition to artwork by Chamberlain’s father, Michael Chamberlain, and modestly priced pieces from Etsy. Large skylights and exposed wood ceiling beams may be seen in almost every room.

One of the most noticeable alterations was the kitchen, which boasts multicolored imported marble and cabinets painted a very minty shade of green. In the next powder room, the seller’s “Flintstones”-inspired sink was kept, but Chamberlain replaced the wall covering with textured wallpaper that resembled banana tree bark.

Chamberlain’s walk-in dressing room, which was equipped with custom cabinetry and stations for professional hair and cosmetics styling, was made from one of the five original bedrooms in the structure. A fireplace and an ensuite bathroom with a vanity made of an exceptionally rare, rust-colored marble have been added to the master bedroom. Marble slabs with a yellowish, honeycomb appearance are also used to cover a large shower.

Another notable feature is the yard, which backs up to a hillside and includes a tranquil waterfall. The “permanent beer pong table” by the pool reveals the homeowner’s age, yet the overall aesthetic is modest and excellent. A pool restroom is located near to the outdoor spaces and is easily accessible from the pool. It has a single basin in the center of the space. This room is also connected to a cozy den with a fireplace and a cork ceiling treatment.

This is precisely the “inside a sailboat” image Chamberlain was going for with the wood paneling in the pool bathroom, which has a teak-like appearance. Since I work from home, I wanted everything to appear tranquil, she explains.