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In some situations, we might have heard the term “Saucepan Vs Saucier” used interchangeably; however, are they really giving description of the same kitchenware?

From the beginning of your day: breakfast till the end: dinner, our kitchen is ours. We can cook whatever ingredients and methods we love to. Choosing the right pan for your recipe, however, will respond better to the demand of our daily dishes, even the hardest recipes which we only see in high-end restaurant also can be achieved.

That’s the reason why Apronese is here with you. Please read on this piece of article to learn more about the differences between Saucepan Vs Saucier with us!

What Is A Saucepan?

Saucepan is a kitchen must-have because of its convenience and versatility. It has straight and high vertical sides which can hold a larger volume of food without being worry about spilling out the pan.

A firmly grip handle is provided with an aim to keep cool temperature when holding it, so that you will be ensured your safety and hand skin while you are enjoying your kitchen time.

The handle also has a hole for hanging which is very convenient for small size kitchen.

What Is A Saucier Pan?

Being a favored kitchen stuff in both home and professional space, the saucier’s highlights are rounded sides and a wider mouth which make whisking and stirring without much effort.

The sides of a saucier pan generally slope to a rounded base, additionally it goes with a fitting lid to prevent evaporation.

What Is The Differences Between Saucepan Vs Saucier?

When coming down to the dilemma of choosing Saucepan or Saucier, it is always time-consuming. Most of us must one time misuse these two kitchen appliances, which leads to the poor quality dishes.

If you see yourself in that case, this article from Apronese is yours. Shall we take a comparative look at the Saucepan Vs Saucier?


The biggest difference in design aspect of these two stuffs is the shape of bottom.

Traditional as well as modern saucepans are made with straight sides and a flat bottom surface.

Saucepans also come in variety of shape such as: rectangular or square, giving consumer better choices and experiences.

On the opposite side, the shape of a Saucier is compared to a bowl with a rounded bottom and slope sides.

As we can easily see that saucier will have the design of a half-circle.

Cooking Surface Area

The cooking surface area of Saucepan is quite larger than a compared Saucier, therefore your food will be evenly come to the perfect heat. The comfort of spare area is a big plus in customer’s point of view who have a big family or including many members to cook for.

The rounded base makes it easier to stir and mix without any food getting stuck between the bottom and the wall of the Saucier pan.

Ease of Use

Mentioning about the ease of use, most home chefs would prefer to use a saucier rather than utilize a saucepan.

This is simply since a saucier has sloped sides, therefore ingredients or any food that requires liquid does not get stuck on the side of the pan and not pour out like it in a saucepan.


A huge range of kitchen methods can be easily satisfied by both Saucepan and Saucier; however, in some circumstances that the saucier takes up the dominance and favor in customer’s point of view.

Making sauce, boiling water for pasta or tea, cooking food which requires liquid are the common tasks of a standard Saucepan.

A saucier is a better choice for recipes which require you to move your hand non-stop such as whisking, stirring,… thanks to the round-shape bottom of this type of pan.

Construction and Materials

Constructed with common materials like copper, aluminium, stainless steel, cast Iron, both the Saucepan and Saucier are created for the purpose of everyday use and offers home chefs superior heat retention.

However, as the shape of the Saucier is round, the fitted materials must be easy to curve. Therefore, some recommends that Apronese is going to tell you:

  • Buy a copper-made pan because this metal is the best heat conductor
  • A non-stick base is a must-have quality of a high standard pan


Another differences between Saucepan Vs Saucier is the storage. They’re both large which take up a lot of precious space in your kitchen. Therefore, it is an annoying issue for home cooks who have little area of kitchen.

However, don’t worry about this problem much since these two pans have a fitting lid and a small hold that you can easily hang it on overhead.

For any kitchen corners which have a cupboard, the storage of Saucepan is quite better thanks to the smaller feature and function.


For Saucepan, food might easily get stuck on the sides because of straight wall function. Therefore, it takes you more time and effort to do the cleaning without damaging the surface area.

The slope of saucier’s sides lessen the trap food as well the bad damage of burning, and therefore make it much easier to do the dish washing.

You don’t have to take scrubbing or soak in a time to remove the leftover food.


The amount of money customer have to spend on these kitchen stuffs depend on many noticable segments such as: customer reviews, brand, cookware capacity, material, subscription options,…

It is well worth paying a sum of money on a high standard pan that will be long lasting with minimum damage.

In general, the average price of Saucier is quite more expensive than compared Saucepan, but not all the cases.

Buying Tips to Consider When Choosing between Sauce Pan Vs Saucier

Saucepan Vs Saucier-How to buy the right one?

The best things to take into deep consideration include the cooking surface area, the weight, the size and suitable cooking purposes.

The weight of the pan is something deserved to be considered. Heavy pans are difficult to carry around and use, which is a negative point to let customer dislike the function. Additionally, if the handle is large and heavy, the pan might lose balance.

So try to have a great assortment of suitable pan.

Best Saucepan

Best Overall Saucepan: Cuisinart Contour Hard-Anodized Saucepan

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Best Affordable Saucepan: KOLEX 2 Quart Nonstick Saucepan With Glass Lid

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Best Saucier

Best Overall Saucier: Le Creuset Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Saucier Pan

Best Customer Reviews: Calphalon Premier Stainless Steel 2.5-Quart Saucepan

Best Value Saucier: AVACRAFT Stainless Steel Saucepan with Glass Lid, Strainer Lid, Two Side Spouts for Easy Pour with Ergonomic Handle

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Which Is Better Saucepan Vs Saucier?

You can perform most of the same cooking methods with both Saucepan and Saucier.

Having both is convenient and versatile; however, if you only have enough budget for one stuffs, the answer is a saucier. It can do almost everything that a saucepan can, but it makes moving your ingredients and dishes washing much easier.


Here are the 8 amazing differences between Saucepan Vs Saucier that Apronese has provided you.

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